Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Resource Exhaustion

Last week has been a long week. I came in to the office in the morning, simulate, analyse, simulate, analyse, simulate and analyse as much as I can the whole day.

If the day is not enough, I'll let the computer turned on doing all the work. My final successful simulation took around 14 hours. Then it became all downhill afterwards.

Guess what, the simulators has gone out of its resources! Now I'm back again at square one. I ought to find another simulator that could simulate my research.

Anyway, enough of this computer whizzy stuff, let's talk about life.

Hmm... what have we done throughout the week? Watched some movies we bought, watch some more movies on Freeview, play some game to release tension, and cooked "Ayam Kurma"(of course with some tip from Chef Fara). Well that's about it the whole week.

This weekend however, we're planning to go West! To the car boots, and then straight to the beach. We hope to see some seals or sea lions (not sure). Onngg! Onngg! (imitating sea lions)

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