Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm freezing in this frozen office room. The temperature is getting lower and colder each day. But, alhamdulillah, the weather at our place is not as extreme as other parts of UK. Some places at north east went through -18 degrees C!! Wah, that's bad. Hope my friends who are experiencing this too cold weather, can cope with it finely. The last bad snow in England - happened in 1981!

Beku jari jemari tulus mulus ku ini di dalam bilik pejabat ini. When wearing gloves, it makes hard for me to type with this fluffy thingy.

Last Tuesday, as I was preparing our breakfast, I heard something weird sound on our rooftop window (ice made the sound, not the snow). As I looked up, I saw some soft white things fallings down. Oh, it was snowing during the day. Before this, in B*angor, the snow usually falls during late nights so it's a no no for us to play in the cold and darkness. Might as well we just stay under our warm duvet.

So, last tuesday siang tu, apa lagi kengkawan, I grabbed my jacket, he took the camera and we rushed out. Saya jer jakun, dia dah biasa. Hik! Took a few snaps and I stayed in the snow for a while, what a blessed for having this opportunity in my life to feel, to see another miracle thing created by Allah. Putih, lembut, gorjes (gorgeous). Tapi, sahabat saya berkata, hujan cantik juga cuma kita tak tatap dia cam kita jakun dengan snow. Hehe, yeah, I agree with that.

Putih, lembut, gorjes

And, guess what, we did not go to school on that day because of the heavy snow (such a lame reason or what?). The weather forecast showed it would be heavy snow for a day so we wanted to be on the safe side, for not getting on the icy road. Last night the news announced that, this extreme weather will last for another 5 days. Ya Allah, Kau lindungi lah hamba-hamba Mu ini. -Amin-

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