Thursday, 14 January 2010

Carbonated Drinks Powered Handphones!

Ever had a situation where your handphone run out of battery, went to the store to find a charger and couldn't find the right charger?

Well, I think those problem will go away someday. People have been thinking about making a drop off handphone charger (electromagnetic induction), but then again, the places must be very very limited.

Bulky mobile phone chargers could soon be a thing of the past with handsets running on soft drinks instead.

Daizi Zheng designed the 'greenphone', which is powered by Coca-Cola, as part of her final university project.

The Central Saint Martins graduate came up with the concept for Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

Ms Zheng said the prototype could run up to four times longer than a traditional lithium ion battery and has the potential to be fully biodegradable.

The greenphone's bio battery generates electricity using enzymes to catalyse sugar in the drink.

As the battery dies out, only water and oxygen are left behind.

Unfortunately, Nokia will not be developing the greenphone prototype further in the near future.

Ms Zheng told Sky News: "At the time they wanted something to bring out within the next two years and thought my design was too futuristic."

But she added that bio batteries are being developed by large electronics companies and may be on the market in the next five years.

Just wonder what these carbonated drinks can do to your body.

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