Friday, 1 January 2010

Boxing Day at Birm

It's been quite some time we did not update this blog. We have been sooo into holiday mood. Spent chrismas and boxing day at Birmingham, and a few days after at darling's auntie's. We just stayed at our home sweet home during the New Year.

Boxing day is a holiday in some parts of the world. It is one day after Christmas and in earlier days, Boxing day was celebrated to give money and gifts to people in needy. I'm not sure myself, I just read bout it in newspaper.
But nowadays, Boxing day is known as a GREAT year end sale. Most of items will be on 50% discount sale. Argh..I was soo crazy to see all the cheap prices. We went to Birm, it is bout 2 and a half hour of driving from Bangor. We stayed at an affordable hotel in the city, just a walk distance to Bull R*ing, the famous shopping centre in Birm. As soon as we arrived at the city, we straightaway had a walk around. What we can see there were many of unique statues and historical buildings. Nice! But I did not care much, I just couldnt wait for the shopping spree. Hehe. We went to bed early that night to gain enough energy for the next day.

The unique building behind is Selfridge Department Store

Victoria Square

We checked out at 6.30 in the morning after a simple but energetic breakfast, and managed to be in Bull Ring by 6.45!! But for our surprise, there was already a longgggggggg queue outside the Next outlet. Hurm2..unsangkarable. Sebenarnya, kami target the Next for our few of shopping list, tetapi semangat kami tak semangat mana, maka kami tak sanggup beratur panjang. Kami cuma menyerbu Selfrid*ges, Deben*hams and other shops. Lebih kurang dua jam juga kami membeli belah, berebut2, beratur bayar panjang, ambil itu ini-apa saja yang harganya reasonable, semua nya 50-70%, mana tak gilanya. Tetapi kekadang kami masih waras. :D

At bout 11 o'clock, kami nampak line depan Ne*xt getting shorter. Becoz we didnt want to be left out for a boxing day spirit, kami pun beratur juga. Hurm, no wonder they could stand the long queue since 5 in the morning, becoz every single thing in the outlet is on 50% discount sale. By the time we got in (pak guard bagi certain amount of customers masuk at one time), barang dah bersepah2, pecah2, kasut berselerak..nak cari size yang sama pun susah, dan kebanyakan size dah abis. Hurm, itular sale habis-habisan. Tapi kami tak kesah, kami cuma ingin tahu. :D

By 12 in the afternoon, kami sudah nyah dari Bull Ri*ng dan pergi mencari Nand*os halal di Star City. Alhamdulillah, we managed to find it.. makan puas-puas. 2 bulan tak dapat Nandos kegemaran kami, bila dapat -kami teramat bersyukur di atas rezeki yang Dia beri! After our stomach was full, got our legs streched, had our jamak pray, we started our journey to Aylesbury. 2 and half hour journey to our auntie's. Spent a wonderful time with her for a few days.
Oh ya, we stopped at Bicester Village on our way to her house. Tak sangka that place was soo near to Aylesbury. Bicester Village is a famous place as well for Boxing day. There, we can find many famous branded outlets, Burberry, Dunhill, Gucci, Guess..sebut je apa, semua ada. Ops, kami TERbeli juga di Bicester Village. He bought me another birthday prezzie. Oh ya, when we were at Aylesbury, I still couldnt stop to shop. I couldnt resist myself on buying more cheap and discounted clothing items. I bought some more knitted wears. Hik. Darling?? Dia cuma senyum simpul-simpul.

Sebelum hari tahun baru, kami pulang. Jalan sesak yang teramat. It was raining and snowing on our way back. Tapi, alhamdulillah, jalan tak licin. Boot kami PENUH dengan barang shopping. Our luggage bags terpaksa letak di passenger seat. Tak mau shopping lagi selepas ini, harapnya. Tahan diri!!

That's it bout our Boxing day and holiday. Nothing much.

Admiring the bull

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