Wednesday, 16 December 2009

TV Channels in UK

There is around 100 channels that one can watch via UK's Freeview. However, I seem to be stuck on watching the same kind of channels. Among my favorites are Top Gear, Scrubs, 8 Simple Rules, Dollhouse (sometimes), Being Erica, How I Met Your Mother, and of course The CSI Trios.

Well, it seems like a normal people would watch (I think). However, the episodes they're showing were not the latest at all. Maybe I'm the one to blame not able to find the current shows, or it's just that they don't have money to air the latest episodes.

Anyway, it's freeview, and I'm quite happy with it. Sometimes it is quite funny to see Grissom a little bit younger than I would usually watch in Malaysia. Well, it is true what my friends is saying about technologies and updates in Malaysia is much earlier than UK.

MINI New 4x4 Concept (copyright Yahoo!)

However, I was asked to stop watching anything related to cars nowadays. That includes, Top Gear, and Fifth Gear. However there is nothing said about Pimp My Ride. I guess, with no warnings, it means that it would be OK to watch em.

Since there is no more X Factor and I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here on tv.. Is there any interesting reality TV to watch right now?

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