Sunday, 6 December 2009

Second Car Boot Experience

Car boot sales

We've went to a car boot sales yesterday morning. It's just 1 mile apart from our house. The car boot sales that we went look way different from the picture above. The place we went was way more organized, and in a closed warehouse like area.

There's an entry fee to the place, and as always, I decided to spend more money than the entrance fee. That was our second time going to a car boot sales. There were more stuffs and stores in this car boot sales.

We bought several things:
  1. DVD player (without remote control)
  2. Wall decorations
  3. Flower vases

Well, I'm not that in to "home decorations" thingy. I should left it to the experts. I'll just comment on DVD player I bought. It's an ALBA, runs smoothly and small in size. The best thing was, it was priced for only £2! It was so cheap, I don't even thinking when buying it.

Anyway. I can't wait to watch another movie tonight. Tata...

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