Saturday, 12 December 2009

Off to Car Boots Sales Again

This morning we purposely woke up quite late so that we could reach on the car boots sales at a good time (where all the shops are open and the there are still things to buy). After a marvelous breakfast and a warm hot shower, we hit the road.

Yes, we were off to car boots sales again! I must admit, it's quite addictive to go to one. Today we have several things in mind. They were Irish Coffee Cups, DVDs, and Die Cast Metal Airplane Model. Well, we never know that the things is gonna be there or not.

We went to our usual route, and was devastated to know that the road was closed. We have to take a detour, and the journey became 2miles further than usual. Anyway, we safely arrived and rushed into the main arena.

We went round and round the car boots and finally found not 1, but 4 Irish Coffee Cups! Yiehaa... They were just GBP1.60, jackpot. However, the Die Cast Metal Airplane wasn't anywhere to be seen, and the DVDs they were selling were so expensive. I can get that DVD with that price in a charity shop.

So, we settle with the Irish Coffee Cups and left the other two targets for next week (or tomorrow?). Wish us luck!

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