Thursday, 10 December 2009

Gigantic LCD TV!

A friend of us just bought an LG 42inch HD Ready 1080p TV! It is so big, it can eat my LCD TV as appetizer. With that size of TV, the only thing I could think of is to play HD gaming on that TV. It seems like the couple has fed up with their old TV, and that old TV is nowhere to be seen.

(image copyright of caraudio4less)

I couldn't imagine watching Blu-ray movies on that TV. It's must be awesome. However, since Blu-ray player is still pricey and they will have a problem watching Blu-ray movies back in Malaysia, I don't suggest them to buy one.

Better yet is for them to buy a DVD with HDMI and 1080p upscaling capabilities. Its way more cheaper, and if it doesn't work in Malaysia, it will worth every penny.

And then I read this one article in Yahoo! News,

Booming sales of flat-screen televisions could cause a rise in accidents at home this Christmas, safety campaigners have warned. Read more

Well, I think that goes to LED, not LCD TV's. LED TVs is so thin and light, I do think that vacuum cleaner's exhaust could blow those things down. The only plausible way to put the TV is by putting several old dictionaries as weight on its base.

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