Monday, 14 December 2009

Cold Weather

Just read a weather article online, it seems that UK is going to have a cold weather for the whole two weeks, starting from today. Cold weather makes me a little bit lazy. It makes me feel like to lie on the bed the whole day.

Snowdonia (copyright gettyimages)

Some of the areas in London is gonna have a snowfall in two days time. I bet some of my friends up there can't wait to experience snow. However, there is still no signs of snowfall here in Cymru, except (Snowdonia of course).

This brings back the memory I have during winter season. I used to play computer games in this kinda weather. However, my friend told me to buy a game console, so that I can play those games without even exposing and freezing my hand. Well, he won the debate, and finally I bought an Xbox 360 several month later.

Anyway, it's not like I'm gonna buy any console in this near future, and the tube keep playing back old series and it starts to become more boring by day. I guess, it's back to me to spend all those free time to study.. (H*ll yeah?).

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