Thursday, 3 December 2009

Raya Haji at Ayle*sbury

Finally I have a blog for public. All these while I'm only writing for a few invited people. Kupik cerita kut. hehe.
How's your haj eid everybody? We had a simple celebration, no, just a visit to our family member, my darling's dearie auntie. Brought her a not-so-look-like nasi minyak coz it is in pink colour instead of rainbow colours(nasi minyak pelangi). hihi. Anyway, it tastes sedap-licious.
Nasi minyak pink

Her house is 5-hour journey from B*ngor, a tiring one with heavy traffic and it was already night. After 2 hours of driving, we need a break so we stopped at highway services, had Costa coffee - Caramel latte for me and Moccacino for him. Sedap-licious. ("ceroh mata lepas tu"). Later, our sat-nav or tom tom (its common name but we use Garmin brand) brought us exactly in front of her house, around half past seven.

Our sat-nav

Alhamdulillah, seeing her in a very tip top great condition made us very relieved. We could not imagine how she had been coping the tough days for the past 3 months.Anyway, we had SOOO much fun spending 2 days with her-makan2, karaoke and listened to her old days stories. Can't wait to see her more after this, insyaAllah, whenever we have time. 5 hours driving is just like the thing we used to do back in Msia, to and fro KL-KT. Balik balik kampung.

Had a morning walk to town together

During our way back, we took some wonderful pictures of His creation. Masya Allah.

That's all for now. I have to continue with my literature review. Tonnes of research-things need to get familiarize with (STILL). Huhu. Till then.


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